Story of Kasturi

Story of Kasturi

  • Name: Ms. Kasturi Chandrashekhar Bilur.
  • Age: 28
  • Children: 1 daughter (studying in 6th standard) name- Laxmi.
  • Living with: Her mother and destitute sister in village Tikundi.

Kasturi was married when she was just 10 years old! She was married to a guy who was 10 years elder than her!! She studied upto 7th standard. After the marriage, as she did not conceive early she was tortured by her in-laws. Her husband was not loyal to their marriage, he was enjoying extra marital relationships with many other women. He was not looking after the family, hence Kasturi had to take the responsibility of feeding the family. As Kasturi was malnourishment from the childhood, she is weak and not able to do heavy work in the farms. About four years back her husband was sick and was to be admitted to the hospital. To pay the bill incurred during the sickness, she had to sale their own agricultural land hence she became landless! Her husband succumb to the illness. At that time her daughter was just 5 years old!

Kasturi was trained in the “Stitching Training” conducted by YPS with the support of Stitchting Jalihal, Netherlands. Later she became “Trainer” in the same training program! She was given a stitching machine through the program.

Now she stitches various garments and earns about Rs. 1500 per month! Further she has received training in “bag making” and she is making bags which are exported to Japan! In addition to the stitching she earns Rs. 1800 per month from bag making.

With her income she is not only able to feed entire family bust she have procured Television, mixie, utensils and living a descent and respectable life!

Kasturi proudly says that she wants to see that her daughter get higher education and she wants to save enough money required for the education of her daughter!