Forms of donation

Every donation large or small is very welcome, together they form the building blocks for a new future for underprivileged women in Jalihal.

Send your donation to: NL25TRIO0320199207 in name of Stichting Jalihal.

We previously had the opportunity to donate online via iDEAL. Unfortunately that is no longer possible. Of course you can use the online payment options of your bank. That is safe and cheap.

We are recognized by the income tax authorities as an ANBI: a public benefit organization. This means that donors can deduct all or part of their donations from their income tax.

  1. One-time donation
    Do you want to make a tax-favorable donation? The threshold for one-off donation is 1% of your threshold income, but the donation must be at least € 60. You may deduct a maximum of 10% of your threshold income in ordinary donations. Your threshold income is the total of your income and deductible items in box 1, 2 and 3, but without your personal allowance. If you have a tax partner throughout the year, you must also include your tax partner's threshold income. For more information see
  2. Periodic donations
    Would you like to donate even more economically? The periodic donation (monthly or annual fixed amounts) must take the form of fixed and even periodic payments that end at the latest upon death. You must also make the donation for at least 5 consecutive years and may not be in return. You state it as a personal deductible item on your tax return. Depending on your income, you will receive 16% to 52% of your annual donation back. These donations are fully deductible for income tax if a deed has been drawn up for this. Since 2014, a written agreement between you and the Jalihal Foundation is sufficient, a notarial deed is no longer necessary. For this you fill in a special form. Please contact us for this. Click here to send us an email right now.
  3. Provide a helping hand
    Donate some of your time and help us make the projects in Jalihal possible. Board members or expertise are always very welcome. Please contact us for this. Click here to send us an email right now.