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Gebruik van mest en water absorber

You can see the use of manure, water absorber while plantation.

Het aanplanten is in volle gang

Ook deze familie is enthousiast

This is another family having three children. Daughter of family so happy she herself planted all flowery saplings. And boys for fruits. Mother expressed that these children are so happy that they are looking after these saplings Watering them and all

Het land is er klaar voor

Yesterday we have visited Some of plantation plots where they planted those saplings ...

Plantjes worden gelabeld en in de vrachtwagen geladen

Plants are being loaded to send to the farmers for plantation as per the schedule . Each plant has a tag with unique number . We will know which plant is delivered to which farmer ! Unique number of the farmer planting trees / plant number . Tagging system in 1 M tree plantation project.

Het bomenproject in de krant

News paper coverage of 29 June event .

115 boeren nemen deel aan het 1M boomplant programma

Total 115 farmers attended the inaugurations of 1 M plantation program out of which 97 are those who are planting plants within next couple of weeks.

Waterbassin voor irrigatie

This is the pond which is constructed at the higher part of the land. Water from well or bore well will be pumped into this tank . Outlet is provided at the bottom of the pond and water is fed to each plant using flexible pipe .

De eerste boompjes zijn geplant

Plantation of some saplings on the land of first farmer has been carried out

Bomenproject van start

Yesterday Inauguration of our project , 'million tree plantation' carried out with hands of invitees.
1. Mr. Tanaji More, Retired Forest Officer,
2. Mr. Sampatrav Pawar, Sr. Social worker.
3. Dr. Jamadagi
4. Mr Arvind Yadav, member of Marathi Science Parishad.
Mr More& Mr Pawar also worked with our founder members. So it was worth having them on our 43rd year of Yerala's foundation day.

We have presented the complete process of this project. And they distributed sapling to 5 participants of this project.
Similarly in the same time distribution of 11 mango saplings to welcome girls child born this year have been carried out.